Sunday, 2 November 2014

Opening Spaces; Bodywork, Movement and Dance Improvisation; Seasonal Healing through Macrobiotics

Balance body, emotions with the autumn seasonal rhythms, deal with inner soul conflicts, find new energy.

Movement, bodywork/ dance and energy workshop and
 nutrition and healthy cookery workshop.

Improve your health, detox, renew.

Sunday 9th November 

£11 per person, bookings in advance, by the 5th November, please
£15 last minute drop in
Adults only
Please RSVP for it is a bookings only event. There are only a few spaces left! Very popular!

Opening Spaces
Bodywork, Movement and Dance Improvisation

This session aims to be nurture and deepen the connection with our bodies and our selves.
In a safe environment we will be working on our own,with partners and the whole group. 
We will inquire gentle touch to bring awareness to the space inside the body, 

explore folding and unfolding movements with the intention to release held tension and open space inside us for new possibilities.
This session is open to all willing to explore.
No previous experience necessary. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat or blanket if available.

Dagmara Bilon is a qualified dance movement therapist and artist.
She currently works with The Purple Ladies, a women led performance collective who are dedicated to bring creative workshops,performances and art events to various communities.
She has two children at the Greenwich Steiner school and in the recent past has worked as a facilitator at Acorn parent and child groups.

Seasonal Healing through Macrobiotics
 is one of the best ways to remind ourselves that it is time to evaluate our health.

 Our moods and bodies change as the seasons change. 
Through observing from our past cultures we are learning how to harmonize our bodies with the world around us.
 By altering our lifestyle with the change in the seasons, we may be able to live longer, healthier lives.

It's a time of Harvest when we gather the colourful fruits and vegetables for winter storage.
The healing energies of Autumn time teach us how to keep in harmony with nature,
 being in tune with our bodies and our inner needs should promote a healthy detox and prepare us for the damp and cold season ahead.

Our food choices should be warmer and nourish your body
Reprogramming the way we eat can help us to maintain energy, balance blood sugar levels and keep our bodies running at optimum health.

Let's remind our bodies and souls how to listen to Mother Earth and make us stronger and more energized.

Susannah Andrews has been working with adults and children for at least 15 years inspiring, sharing, teaching, supporting and guiding everyone towards 
a more wholesome lifestyle. Her passion is contagious, beware!
More about Susannah on her Facebook pages here.

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