Sunday 18 September 2011

Sweet September

Sweet September, golden sky, the acorns falling on to the ground, fresh winds, cooler mornings; a lovely warmth inside my heart when I see all the leaves turning yellow, red and brown...

Autumn gardens, Apple trees, Pears and Plums, Grapes and Squashes...crumbles baking, sweet smelling home!

Grinding Flour, making dough, baking Bread, cooking Soup...The Harvest Time is a Happy Time.

Autumn in my Heart

listen and watch this video

played often in Asia for the Harvest Moon Festival

meanwhile out and about: went to see the exhibition of MIRO' at the Tate Modern- wow- that was impressive! 

Had a lovely day in London with my friend Chrissie! xxx

We went early evening at around 6 pm

There is always something cute in Miro's drawings and paintings,
a unique style! Always been one of my favourite Artists since I was very young!

it is nice to read the info, with background and descriptions and interpretations of Miro' spaintings but to be honest it was just nice to walk and look and sit and contemplate and it was friend and I don't intellectualize art if possible for full enjoyment of forms and colours....we simply breath in the paintings and breathe out an instinctive reaction such as like or dislike!

The book and gift shop at the Tate is always fun!

Putting a smile on my friend's face!

we went to have a look from the balcony, the sunset sky looking at St Paul's...

Sunset and Dusk, my favourite time in London

which reminds me of a snap I took the week before at around the same time in Blackheath, this is St Michael and all Archangels in Pond Road/Blackheath Park road

Clear and bright, golden, or pink; open and dramatic sky, this is the changeable September Sky

last days of August: the shift...

the longer shadows... early September

The threatening clouds

the playful lights...

September winds...clouds looking more nasty now...

all this sky is mine, mine mine, on the heath, Blackheath ( Autumn 2010)

I think this was already October!

Greenwich park early October 2010

so now it's time to go and see what it looks right now and update and compare!

more of this soon!


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